Since 2010 the Banmark company in Russia and the CIS countries represents the interests of the world’s leading manufacturer of dryer and forming fabrics for pulp and paper industry, and special fabrics for wide industrial applications – AstenJohnson. The AstenJohnson company has more than bicentennial experience in the field of industrial textiles for the paper and pulp industries, has 12 production sites in five countries on three continents, a wide range of unique innovative products protected by patents, own production of monofilaments, 24-hour service support. AstenJohnson is the only multinational company producing the “clothing” of machines, which has retained significant manufacturing capacity for the production of dryer and forming fabrics in Europe and continues to invest in their development. Unique high-tech fabrics, fast delivery times and dedicated professionals is the key to the successful partnership of AstenJohnson with paper manufacturers.