Stylus™ Press Fabrics Platform

The Stylus Platform is a Double Layer incompressible base designed for presses with medium to lower water handling requirements. This product is a laminate 1+1 base structure utilizing 2 single layer modules. The MD yarn system utilizes single monofilament yarns for superior tensile strength and openness. The CD yarn system uses an optimized end count of single monofilament yarns which provide excellent compaction resistance, resiliency and batt fiber anchoring. The thinner incompressible base provides medium to low void volume. It allows quick mid-nip saturation for a quick break-in with low flow resistance. The optimized yarn structure provides a high level of pressing uniformity for excellent water removal and sheet quality. Available in two versions: 1) a heavier medium void volume base with coarser MD yarns, and 2) a lighter low void volume base with finer MD yarns. Available in Endless or Seamed Construction