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About company


 The company supplies chemicals, additives, dyes and elements of the equipment for the pulp and paper industry, as well as comprehensive solutions to technological issues at the enterprises of pulp and paper and related industries.

  1. Establishment of Banmark
  2. The new owner is Bang & Bonsomer
  3. New sales office opened in Sweden
  4. New sales office opened in St Petersburg
  5. Official registration of Banmark Ltd. in Russia
  6. New sales office opened in Poland
  7. New sales office opens in China
  8. Banmark has become part of Oy Transmeri Ab
  9. Combining Insalko's sales office with Banmark
  10. Founding a subsidiary, Kiertopaine Oy
  11. New sales office opened in the Czech Republic
  12. Establishment of subsidiaries Banmark Lubricants Ltd and Orat Oy
  13. Opening a packaging wire business Iron Bridge Oy
  14. Ravatek Oy and Orat Oy merge
  15. Banmark operates internationally in a variety of industries
The main trading areas are Central and Northern Europe, Russia and China. The representative office in Finland is located in several cities: the head office in Vantaa and branch offices in Tampere, Jyväskylä and Lappeenranta. The warehouse is located in Kotka. Other sales offices are located in: Warsaw, Poland Gothenburg, Sweden Shanghai, China


In Russia the representative office of Oy Banmark Ab started operating in 1998, and in 2004 it was officially registered as Banmark LLC. The company’s office is situated in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Our main objective – to solve problems of each specific client and to propose individual solutions, based on modern technologies and effective chemicals. Its implementation is provided by highly qualified specialists in the field of pulp and paper industry, competent in manufacturing technology and in processes that influence the product quality, and who are ready to solve the problems using the necessary instruments: chemicals, equipment and machine clothing for the pulp and paper industry.

We offer

A wide range of specialty chemicals for cooking and bleaching of pulp, works on wet end of paper machines, surface treatment of paper and cardboard, preparation of coating paste as well as the processes of recycling of secondary fiber and waste paper deinking;

Unique high-tech equipment for using on both high-speed wide-format PM and BM, and at simpler positions.

Modern fabrics and accessories from the world's finest, time-tested manufacturers