Drum Thickeners & Deckers

Our full line of advanced pulping fabrics has been designed to give our customers the most complete range of products available in the industry. We supply and manufacture many metal and shrinkable products for these applications. Contact us for any drum washer, filter, saveall or screen application that you might have. We provide installation assistance where requested.
Our single and double layer Kynar™ designs are available with pinned or endless seams for brown and bleach washers as well as deckers and save-alls.
Our K-Steel™ is the only fabric to give the ease of a shrinkable Kynar™ with the cleanliness and performance properties of a stainless steel wire! It is ideal for bleach washers but also for browstock washing, deckers and save-alls.
We have numerous metal designs in many alloys designed for backing and facing wires. You can choose your either diagonal or straight seam from gold, silver and plasma.