Scienta develops sensors and online measuring systems for the pulp, paper, impregnation and nonwovens industries. In-house sensor production since 1954 .; Scanner production since 1974.
Wide range of expertise in online sensor development and deep understanding of physics, electronics and automation.
Large network of resources.
Many years and extensive experience in providing measurement solutions for a wide range of processes.

Scienta online systems general characteristics

Type of measurements:

  • Total weight, moisture, thickness, brightness, coating weight, ash content, porosity, and temperature.
  • Bilateral and single-sided scanners, stationary and mobile devices.
  • Choice of control system – Siemens or Allen-Bradley.DCS connection using Profinet, OPC and/or SQL database.
  • CD and MD controls are available as options.
  • Remote support using TeamViewer.

Scienta scanners

  1. The scanners are designed for harsh industrial environments with potentially high humidity and humidity levels.

  2. Scienta has used its extensive experience (scanner production since 1974) to create a highly reliable modular scanner platform.

  3. The scanner’s design is virtually maintenance-free due to the small number of parts that are regularly replaced.

  4. Standard parts and programs, including Siemens / Allen-Bradley / ABB PLCs, are widely used. No PC is required to operate the system because we can connect to most DCS systems via networks, field buses, and OPC.


Measurement methods

(Beta, Gamma)

Basic weight
Ash weight

(2, 3, 4 or 128 channels model)

Coating weight


Orientation of fibers

Visible light

Dirt detection




Pulp dryer line installation in front of the dryer single-sided scanner and microwave sensor

Pulp dryer line installation after the dryer

O-frame and double-sided sensors

Measuring cardboard with basic weight and moisture sensors

Online measuring system for phenolic and melamine resin impregnation lines

Scienta online measurement system for nonwoven lines with total weight, temperature and porosity

Hot environment – humidity sensor

Scienta online systems for paper lines/sanitary paper

  1. Our new NIR-MIR based sensor is well suited for measuring tissue fabrics. A single sensor for basic weight and moisture. In addition, plastics such as PP, PA and PES can be measured very accurately.
  2. Excellent moisture response even on flakey and very thin materials, starting at 1%.
    Simple “one unit” scanner with integrated PLC, ready to use. Ethernet + compressed air + 120-230 VAC is all you need. Liquid cooling of the sensor pad.
  3. Sheet edge detection with IR sensor signal for web width measurement.
  4. Optional SQL database for collecting measurement values for reports and statistical analysis.
  5. MD and CD controls as required. Connection to any DCS system. Very easy to use!

Простота установки и обслуживания

NIR-MIR total weight and moisture sensors

Air / liquid chiller and supply air fan as standard

Connecting to linear DCS or other systems with minimum hassle

Remote diagnostics as standard (teamviewer)

Automatic control is available as an option

FFT analysis package as an option