Advanced Fabrics

Twin Wire Presses

  • AstenJohnson has the most complete selection of woven and spiral products specifically designed for twin wire presses in the industry. No matter what operating conditions or problems you may be encountering, we have a product that can be specifically tailored to your needs.
  • Our unique MonoZip seam helps you safely install a fabric in minutes!
  • We have a complete range of fabrics made of polyester, polyamide and polypropylene.
  • Our experts will help inspect your press and troubleshoot specific problems.

Drum Thickeners & Deckers

  • Our full line of advanced pulping fabrics has been designed to give our customers the most complete range of products available in the industry. We supply and manufacture many metal and shrinkable products for these applications. Contact us for any drum washer, filter, saveall or screen application that you might have. We provide installation assistance where requested.
  • Our single and double layer Kynar™ designs are available with pinned or endless seams for brown and bleach washers as well as deckers and save-alls.
  • Our K-Steel™ is the only fabric to give the ease of a shrinkable Kynar™ with the cleanliness and performance properties of a stainless steel wire! It is ideal for bleach washers but also for browstock washing, deckers and save-alls.
  • We have numerous metal designs in many alloys designed for backing and facing wires. You can choose your either diagonal or straight seam from gold, silver and plasma.


  • Chemiwashers create very difficult conditions for fabrics, and at AstenJohnson we recognize this and have designed all our products to run reliably no matter what your grade. May it be acidic or alkaline you will find an AstenJohnson product that is specifically designed to meet all your Chemiwasher needs.
  • We offer seamed or endless fabrics.

High Speed Washers

The AstenJohnson line of High Speed Washer (DNT and Variosplit) products has been specifically designed to provide maximum throughput, while balancing the need to retain fibers and remove ash in a very quick manner. With the very short de-watering zones, it is essential that the correct fabric be selected and woven for this difficult process. At AstenJohnson, we can help to ensure that your needs are met with our high quality fabrics.

Pulp Machines


  • AstenJohnson Advanced Fabrics has been a start-up supplier to every new Twin Wire Pulp machine since 1998. Today, we hold most of the world production records on these machines, and we continue to work hard with all of our loyal customers to give them even more value than ever from AstenJohnson. We are one of the only suppliers in the world that has products available for every application in a Pulp and Paper mill. At AstenJohnson, we are your ONE STOP shop for all your Pulping needs.
  • FOCUS: Centurion®
    The Centurion® is a two and a half layer product that has evolved throughout the years, becoming the product of choice on the top producing Pulp Machines around the globe. This high performance family of products is available with various drainage characteristics to accommodate the vast array of fiber species and the various machine configurations used today.

Press Felts

  • The POSEIDON™ press felt line is specifically designed to tackle the world’s toughest pulp machine pressing applications. Available in double, triple and quad layer designs,we incorporate the latest technology to give the ultimate in void volume, compaction resistance and water handling characteristics.

Chemical Recovery

You will find an AstenJohnson product for all your recovery applications. We offer a wide range of metal, polypropylene, titanium and tantalum designs.


  •  Dregs & Lime Mud Pre-Coat Filters
  •  Salt Cake Filters
  •  Screening
  • Larox Filters

Waste Water Management

Our pulp & paper sludge press fabrics are designed specifically to help with both dewatering and to optimize fabric durability. Choose from spiral or woven designs.

  • Gravity tables
  • Sludge Presses
  • Screening

Cylinder Molds

Whether you prefer to use diagonal metal or shrinkable plastic covers AstenJohnson can provide you the optimal fabric for your machine. We offer different designs with non-marking seams for backing and facing positions.