Donghae - general storage view
Steti - top view robot and inclined ramp
Stendal - general view
Leman - general view conveyors and dewiring
  • Вам выгодно работать с нами

  • Мировой бренд

    Мы не только производим продукцию, но и представляем всемирно известные бренды

  • Индивидуальный подход

    Наши специалисты прислушиваются к любому вашему пожеланию

  • Качество

    Наша продукция соответствует стандартам ISO 9001 и ISO 14001

  • Гарантия

    Мы предоставляем лучшее гарантийное обслуживание

  • Репутация

    Мы с 1971 года обеспечиваем клиентов качественной продукцией

Our company cooperates with

Our main objective - to solve problems of each specific client and to propose individual solutions, based on modern technologies and effective chemicals. Its implementation is provided by highly qualified specialists in the field of pulp and paper industry, competent in manufacturing technology and in processes that influence the product quality, and who are ready to solve the problems using the necessary instruments: chemicals, equipment and machine clothing for the pulp and paper industry.

We offer:

  • a wide range of specialty chemicals for cooking and bleaching of pulp, works on wet end of paper machines, surface treatment of paper and cardboard, preparation of coating paste as well as the processes of recycling of secondary fiber and waste paper deinking;
  • unique high-tech equipment and machine clothing for using on both high-speed wide-format PM and BM, and at simpler positions.